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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Fight with a Librarian and Bad Karaoke (originally written in German, under the title "Kampf mit einer Bibliothekarin und schlechtes Karaoke")

Queen Areola wanted me to translate the German story, "Kampf mit einer Bibliothekarin und schlechtes Karaoke". So here it is...

Fight with a Librarian and Bad Karaoke

I went to the library last week and looked for German books. I read all of the titles that I found interesting and chose two books. As I went to the register, the woman told me that I had an outstanding fine. I remembered the book. I had brought the book back and it was damaged, but not my fault. When I had taken the book out, there was already sauce stuck to the inside cover. As she leafed through the pages, they started to come apart. I tried to explain it to her but she didn't listen to me and wanted 30 dollars from me. She said to me with big, round eyes "I can't believe it..." her voice was dry and nasaly, and with an increasingly complaining tone... "that we would have let this book out of the library like that."
"But it did." I said
"No!" She said
"But it did!" I said it at least five times "But it did."
I left the library without paying.
Later on, me and my friends were drunk in a Chinese karaoke bar. We were alone in the karaoke-disco-bar. After we had sung many bad songs had laughed a lot, the waiter and waitress told us that they had no more debit paper and could only take cash. We were very angry. We drank more alcohol and went out to the bank machine. I called Tiffany and told her that she should pack our things and run away, but she didn't want to. After our return, we smoked in the parking lot while Shavonne called out, in a Chinese accent:
"I'm Chini!" She called out. "Me dummi dummi!"
The Asian people said nothing. Thirza went home in a taxi and the rest of us paid the waiter and drive home with the car.
Cala Cala Mine
Cala her's
Cala his
Cala Cala Mine

Calamine Synaesthesia
Calamine Sattiva
Calamine in the Wintergreen
Calamine on the table
Cala Cala Synaesthesia

Calamine Prader Willies
Calamine Narcolepsy
Calamine Schizophrenia
Calamine Wonder Willie
Cala Cala Wintergreen

Me and His her Savita
Savita cal Wintergreen
Winter Winter
Cala Cala
Cala Cala Calamine

The Wave

Before there were riches or affordances of significant comparison to the norm,
there were hidden treasures, waiting in the depths of the oceans and in the stars. One of these treasures was said to have bloomed in the deepest forest. It was past the barrier of the homes of the wildest animals and most dangerous insects. Past the thorns were crystal paths leading into an orange cave, where the treasure remained unfound.

Monday, November 22, 2010

What I've eaten today


1 serving of oat bran (1/3 cup)

1 banana

1 white flour blueberry muffin

1 gala apple

1/4 cup unsalted mixed nuts

2 cups chick pea curry (with brown rice, carrots and potatoes)

1.5 cups brown/wild rice

1.5 cups curried lentil daal

2 large leaves of kale


2 large coffees (4 cups)

1 peppermint tea

1 bottle of black cat beer

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

some random thoughts on evolution of gay

As a gay man, I'm not convinced that homosexuality is exclusively genetic. Many gay people are faithful, that it is solely genetic. However, I feel that there are many different reasons that one could result in being gay, which include genetic factors.

Homosexuality may also involve societal, familial and mentally genetic factors. While the term "genetics" most often refers to physical properties of DNA, there is also mind-sense that is "genetically" passed down, from parents to children. These properties are not represented physically in the DNA, but are imprinted into the mind by action and experience.

Another factor is the stage of human evolution, in which we presently live, and what is necessary and what isn't. We don't live in a world where we need to reproduce to survive anymore. In fact, our population size, along with the finiteness of the world, requires us to decrease and stabilize our population. Earlier on in the history of evolution, we have developed the mechanism of war instead, in order to deal with this problem.

Similarly, a language acquisition device is genetically provided to our bodies, however, the language form itself is encoded from experience to mind. When the atmosphere requires something of us mentally, whether or not we are conscious of it throughout our lives, we develop into the requirement of our atmosphere, as en evolution within our own lifetime.

We have genetic devices which provide us the ability to react to our own environment. Just as one has language capacity, ability to create, and learn. We have a sexual being, and for a long time, it has been used for the purpose of reproduction, which is not a necessary purpose at this time. We may continue to reproduce as long as it remains stable for the earth. If not, we can fuck whoever we want as long as we don't have babies.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Meta / Calamine #1

The influx
The outflux
what I perceive
What I project
What we perceive together
What I say
What I process

Calamine, cala her's, cala his
calamine , cala his
Cala her's
cala calamine

Calamine synaesthesia

Calamine Sattiva

Calamine, cala pepto
Cala Bismol
Cala, cala Wintergreen

Calamine, cala her's, cala his
calamine , cala his
Cala her's
Cala calayour's

Sagittarius Horoscope

Be prepared to change your mind now. Use your intuition; suggest how to incorporate change into your thinking. Your relationships will be dependant upon the clarity of your words not how clever you are. Also don't let people sidetrack you with their opinions during this period.

sagittarius horoscope
Sagittarius Horoscope

Click here to view today's sagittarius horoscope!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Number of the Day

Today is 8/2/2010, which reduces to 4
I'm a number 4 and I feel pretty homogeneous with the day.

Sagittarius Horoscope

The following is based on the horoscopes from
I read all of the horoscopes and categorized my relation to each sign today. The most helpful way to read this horoscope would be to keep in mind the signs of those who are in your social circle.


Capricorn dependent/parallel
Aquarius polar
Pisces shadow
Aries independent/polar
Taurus independent/parallel
Gemini parallel
Cancer independent
Leo parallel
Virgo parallel/shadow
Libra dependent/parallel
Scorpio independent

The people with whom you are independent are people you get along well with today, whether or not you are in their physical proximity. You allow each other to do what one wills and it is safe, comfortable and enjoyable to do so. Today, these people are Aquarians, Aries, Tauruses and Cancers.

People with whom you are dependent are those with whom you must coexist today. The dependent relationship can either be codependent, symbiotic or passive. These people are Capricorns and Libras for you today.

Those with whom you are polar are those who are having a completely separate experiences from you today. It may be hard to get them into your physical or mental proximity. These people are Aquarians and Aries today.

Those with whom you are parallel are those who are having similar experiences with you, whether or not you are in physical proximity to one another. These are people who you can contact mentally today. These people are Tauruses, Geminis, Leos and Virgos today.

Shadows are those who are experiencing a mirror image of your experience today. You are polarized, but exist dependently. Balance creates positive energy while conflict increases negativity. These people may coexist with you on a mental or physical level.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Hi, my name's Münchausen, How are you?

Really? My name's Münchausen too. Where are you from?

Ethiopia, but really I'm German. You know how they say Ethiopians are like Germans dipped in cholocate?

Yeah, I heard of that. I'm from Bulgaria.

Yeah, I've been there.

Really! Where did you stay?

I can't remember. I was drunk. I think I was passing through on my way to Olympiad to become a riot girl.

Really? I (was once in) Bulgaria with (Ellen von Unwerth).

Yeah, I remember that. I organized a radical picnic with Kathleen Hanna.

Really? I used to be in Bratmobile.

Really? I was once very briefly in a band called Clock TVA

Really? I like listen to Karlheinz Munchausen

Me too! I love Karlheinz Munchausen. I used to like, share a flat with him

Really? I shagged him once

Really? I used to piss on him everyday

Really? We used to work at topshop together and steal money from the tills

Really? I got syphilis once in topshop

Really! I had Syphilis stage 3

Really? I had NCU

Really? I had BPM

Me too!

Hey! I'm gonna have an exhibition here in two weeks

Really! Well, I'm gonna have a performance here in three weeks. I'm gonna throw chairs around and then I'm gonna throw myself around and then I'm gonna cut myself twenty three times

Really? I haven't had a shag in like twenty three minutes.

Really? I haven't had a job in like ten years.

Really? I used to live without electricity for ten years.

Really I used to share a squat with Nina Hagen in Camden and she used to make pizza out of dead cats

Really? I met David Blaine in ( ... Desire) the other day

Oh yeah? Well, we used to hang out together in Brazil

Really? My Uncle designed the (passive door in Brazilia).

Really? My uncle designed the anal staircase

Really? My uncle's cock is like twelve inches long

Yeah, but my cock is like fourteen inches long

Really? Mine too!

But my cock was once amputated after a motorcycling accident

Well, I (was once) in a plane crash but David Hasselhoff saved me from the ashes

Really? Well, I was cremated once

Really? I was born with only one leg

Really, well you know I think I fancy you

Really? So do I.


Do her fuck her
Do her fuck her
She takes it up the ass
I can tell from the smile on her face

There is a man and he yawns
'cause I ain't talkin' 'bout him no more

I think there's more at the end of the rainbow
than you think
I think you've missed it

But I'm a gentlemen
and I would never hurt you

Do him fuck him
Do him fuck him
He takes it up the ass
I can tell by the smile on his face

F**s On My Floor

Presumably by Susanne Oberbeck


I'm stalking my rapist
when will you be mine?
Too many fags and too much time

I once had the wrong dream
fags outside my window
fags inside my room

Have you got they dimensions and have you got sixteen
Tell me it's true
Are they all over my floor again?

Tell me it's true 'cause they're all over my floor again

And where is the slag when you can't
when did she go home?
Is fear her biggest thrill?
Is she a ho (hole)?
A hard light (lie) to enter?
Is she (moment and this street light)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Presumably by Susanne Oberbeck

I can do things to you
I can do things to you

(you (don't) know and I don't know)

voodoo voodoo

I saw you've been (sitting, saying) 'round (Sommerfield)
(that, but) Satan had other plans
No romance
Out of time
Can't sleep at night
'cause I hate people
when they're polite
But I know you want to be nothing
and the boy that looks like you;
are you sending him messages,
Taking his soul,
or extracting more thoughts from my mind?

(Because) we're both slaves of the western shores
and I don't mind to fuck you
because you're also a nigger

Are you tempting me with your flashy look?
But Satan had other plans
No romance
'cause I hate people when they're polite

Are you scared of me?
Because of voodoo
in 1863
and today I can do things
and you will never know
because of voodoo

(I) (saw) you've been (saying, sitting) 'round (Sommerfield)
but Satan had other plans
Sickness dreams (christmas trees) and ecstasy
It's off desire
the light and the dark

Can I say (you'll forgive me)

I can do things to you

(we) don't know

Monday, June 7, 2010

Sunlight Amplifier

Does anybody know about a sunlight amplifier?
I'm looking for something that will reflect sunlight from my dark windows, onto the white ceilings of my livingroom and kitchen.

Friday, May 14, 2010


The lines on the palms of your hands depend on how you use your hands.
Each palm is different. But, we never stop to look at the differences between the lines in the palms of our hands. The lines on my hands represent how the movements of each of my hands vary. I rest my left hands, while I engage my right hands, which causes for them to be in specific positions while I'm performing various tasks during my day. In turn, the way by which I hold my hands also reflects how I turn my body and shift weight upon it. The bone structures, musculature, nervous system and organs are all affected by the way by which I move my body everyday...

So in effect...

maybe I do have a lifeline.

Do I have a loveline?

Why are those lines there

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Handicapped Symbol

When you post a comment to someone's blog, you must complete the security measure by typing in the letters in the wyrd field. The funny part is that there's a "handicapped" field beside the text field, in case you need for the computer to read it to you... But.. PEOPLE IN WHEEL CHAIRS CAN HEAR, BITCHES!!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Creationism and the Illusion of History

So many millions of people pouring out knowledge.
Pouring out words.
Infinite moments, scattered.

We exist here, look back upon a reflection as it once was.

I was once walking down a thinly coated street, where yellow-draped Brahmans offered orange sweets. Slowly did I realize; catch a scent of fruitful tango that breathed into my nostrils and exhaled itself around me, leaving me hovering dozily in the center of euphoria. Giddy and tingling, I lifted to convince myself that our history was written seven days before we were born, which was (at present) 2010 or so years ago. The dawning and spending of time, and death are reflected upon each other over and over again, exactly as when we born the previous time. However, when we emerge the following time, we are different because of the continuous events of our previous lives.

There is no nothing.

Nothing is nothing.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Prediction of the Future - the New Beings

As we continue down the technological path, we will encounter machine-people. They will be made by us. They will be made to think, feel, speak, act, make free decisions, process mentally, physically, and feel love. They are real. They are as real as we are.
Many people will not believe that they are real. Many people will try to destroy them. A long, hard road shall follow.

Not only will there be machine-people, there will be flesh-clones. The flesh clones are also real. They have been produced by us, genetically modified, enhanced and bred. Homosexuality makes no difference. Sexual pleasures are blissful and important to humanity, but procreation exists as a conscious act of creation.

However, flesh-clones do not come to dominate the planet easily. It is a long, hard road ahead.