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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Meta / Calamine #1

The influx
The outflux
what I perceive
What I project
What we perceive together
What I say
What I process

Calamine, cala her's, cala his
calamine , cala his
Cala her's
cala calamine

Calamine synaesthesia

Calamine Sattiva

Calamine, cala pepto
Cala Bismol
Cala, cala Wintergreen

Calamine, cala her's, cala his
calamine , cala his
Cala her's
Cala calayour's

Sagittarius Horoscope

Be prepared to change your mind now. Use your intuition; suggest how to incorporate change into your thinking. Your relationships will be dependant upon the clarity of your words not how clever you are. Also don't let people sidetrack you with their opinions during this period.

sagittarius horoscope
Sagittarius Horoscope

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Monday, August 2, 2010

Number of the Day

Today is 8/2/2010, which reduces to 4
I'm a number 4 and I feel pretty homogeneous with the day.

Sagittarius Horoscope

The following is based on the horoscopes from
I read all of the horoscopes and categorized my relation to each sign today. The most helpful way to read this horoscope would be to keep in mind the signs of those who are in your social circle.


Capricorn dependent/parallel
Aquarius polar
Pisces shadow
Aries independent/polar
Taurus independent/parallel
Gemini parallel
Cancer independent
Leo parallel
Virgo parallel/shadow
Libra dependent/parallel
Scorpio independent

The people with whom you are independent are people you get along well with today, whether or not you are in their physical proximity. You allow each other to do what one wills and it is safe, comfortable and enjoyable to do so. Today, these people are Aquarians, Aries, Tauruses and Cancers.

People with whom you are dependent are those with whom you must coexist today. The dependent relationship can either be codependent, symbiotic or passive. These people are Capricorns and Libras for you today.

Those with whom you are polar are those who are having a completely separate experiences from you today. It may be hard to get them into your physical or mental proximity. These people are Aquarians and Aries today.

Those with whom you are parallel are those who are having similar experiences with you, whether or not you are in physical proximity to one another. These are people who you can contact mentally today. These people are Tauruses, Geminis, Leos and Virgos today.

Shadows are those who are experiencing a mirror image of your experience today. You are polarized, but exist dependently. Balance creates positive energy while conflict increases negativity. These people may coexist with you on a mental or physical level.