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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

some random thoughts on evolution of gay

As a gay man, I'm not convinced that homosexuality is exclusively genetic. Many gay people are faithful, that it is solely genetic. However, I feel that there are many different reasons that one could result in being gay, which include genetic factors.

Homosexuality may also involve societal, familial and mentally genetic factors. While the term "genetics" most often refers to physical properties of DNA, there is also mind-sense that is "genetically" passed down, from parents to children. These properties are not represented physically in the DNA, but are imprinted into the mind by action and experience.

Another factor is the stage of human evolution, in which we presently live, and what is necessary and what isn't. We don't live in a world where we need to reproduce to survive anymore. In fact, our population size, along with the finiteness of the world, requires us to decrease and stabilize our population. Earlier on in the history of evolution, we have developed the mechanism of war instead, in order to deal with this problem.

Similarly, a language acquisition device is genetically provided to our bodies, however, the language form itself is encoded from experience to mind. When the atmosphere requires something of us mentally, whether or not we are conscious of it throughout our lives, we develop into the requirement of our atmosphere, as en evolution within our own lifetime.

We have genetic devices which provide us the ability to react to our own environment. Just as one has language capacity, ability to create, and learn. We have a sexual being, and for a long time, it has been used for the purpose of reproduction, which is not a necessary purpose at this time. We may continue to reproduce as long as it remains stable for the earth. If not, we can fuck whoever we want as long as we don't have babies.