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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Fight with a Librarian and Bad Karaoke (originally written in German, under the title "Kampf mit einer Bibliothekarin und schlechtes Karaoke")

Queen Areola wanted me to translate the German story, "Kampf mit einer Bibliothekarin und schlechtes Karaoke". So here it is...

Fight with a Librarian and Bad Karaoke

I went to the library last week and looked for German books. I read all of the titles that I found interesting and chose two books. As I went to the register, the woman told me that I had an outstanding fine. I remembered the book. I had brought the book back and it was damaged, but not my fault. When I had taken the book out, there was already sauce stuck to the inside cover. As she leafed through the pages, they started to come apart. I tried to explain it to her but she didn't listen to me and wanted 30 dollars from me. She said to me with big, round eyes "I can't believe it..." her voice was dry and nasaly, and with an increasingly complaining tone... "that we would have let this book out of the library like that."
"But it did." I said
"No!" She said
"But it did!" I said it at least five times "But it did."
I left the library without paying.
Later on, me and my friends were drunk in a Chinese karaoke bar. We were alone in the karaoke-disco-bar. After we had sung many bad songs had laughed a lot, the waiter and waitress told us that they had no more debit paper and could only take cash. We were very angry. We drank more alcohol and went out to the bank machine. I called Tiffany and told her that she should pack our things and run away, but she didn't want to. After our return, we smoked in the parking lot while Shavonne called out, in a Chinese accent:
"I'm Chini!" She called out. "Me dummi dummi!"
The Asian people said nothing. Thirza went home in a taxi and the rest of us paid the waiter and drive home with the car.
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The Wave

Before there were riches or affordances of significant comparison to the norm,
there were hidden treasures, waiting in the depths of the oceans and in the stars. One of these treasures was said to have bloomed in the deepest forest. It was past the barrier of the homes of the wildest animals and most dangerous insects. Past the thorns were crystal paths leading into an orange cave, where the treasure remained unfound.