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Monday, April 25, 2011

May 15th update: May first is the first stage of May 15th

Check it out! They're going to be leaving their planets on May 1st, in order to get here on May 15th! 
Go to: to see how the moon swings around Earth and the rest of the four planets come into alignment.

Monday, April 4, 2011

How can we be more democratic? - The 2011 Canadian Federal Election

CBC's "Vote Compass" told me that I should vote for the NDP.

After I had looked through the results of my quiz, I realized that the NDP and the Green Party were very close to each other on most issues. Even the Liberals didn't seem to be too far off. When three out of four parties are so close to each other in terms of how they would run the country, why don't they form a coalition? At the moment they're allowing the conservatives to continue to gain a majority.

The "democratic" system, which divides the country into "constituencies" is truly a non-democratic way of representing our "country". I don't like being lumped into a "Saskatoon-Rosetown-Biggar" constituency, which represents a seat in parliament. If our political system was truly a democracy, the aggregate number of votes, across the country, would count for the number of seats in parliament. If the "parties" truly have a solid stance and plan for the future, it shouldn't matter who represents them. - E.g. Any other party member of the NDP should be able to stand in for Jack Layton, should he become physically incapable. -

Elections should not be separate.

The representative of our constituency does not truly represent us, as the federal election is separate from the provincial and municipal ones. If we were actually being represented locally, on a federal level, Don Atchison and Brad Wall would have seats in the federal parliament... But Don Atchison is not the mayor of "Saskatoon-Rosetwon-Biggar", is he?

Who organized this thing, that we call "the canadian government"?

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Planetary-Energetic Forecase for late February and early March of 2011

Jupiter and Saturn are very slowly aligning with Earth and the Sun.

Jupiter and Saturn have been coming into alignment with each other since approximately late 2008. Since then, Earth is only now coming into alignment with them and the Sun.

The major movement of pull between Jupiter and Saturn is today, which will be the beginning of the new energetic relationship. Throughout the next couple of weeks, they will be coming into a relationship of momentum with one another, which will sustain their pull of each other. Earth will begin moving into the energetic alignment around the 4th of March.

As planets whose energies are naturally opposed and polarized from one another, the existing* of Saturn and Jupiter in a position of weightlessness with each other creates a sudden silent harmony of the time, space and consciousness between them.

This is the time of manifestation of higher energies into a lower form. The time is opportune for thought, mind and spirit to become manifested into the body (thus, into the world aswell**).

Earth will continue moving into alignment with Saturn throughout the entire month of March. Jupiter will be slowly moving out of the momentum-relationship from Saturn at this time and Earth will align with Saturn, the Sun and Jupiter, on Jupiter's way out of the alignment, upon which another surge of manifestations may occur (this will be further intuited throughout March).

The Sun remains the constant center.


We recently came into alignment with the Sun, Mercury and Mars by the 22st of February, and Mars will begin moving out of the alignment on March 1st.

**preferred form

As usual, see for (VIT) visual-intuiting-medium.

p.s. If you check the same post later on, I may have added to it instead of creating a brand new post...

Also, let me know whether every one of my updates comes up in your news feed, or you only receive one update.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Noun Phrases (all of them, exclusively)

Hey Guys!

My life in a nutshell is as follows:

Classes: Semantics, Language and Gender, Research Methods and online German class on Franz Kafka.

Walking, cold, bus, gym, swimming, food, cooking, eating meat, TV, the national, scrabble, lifting weights, gay people, browsers, coffee, customers, money, packing things, folding laundry, reading, talking with people, having crushes, being curious about people, writing to people, Egypt, the Chinese Government, the internet, the Caucasus, Georgia, History, Technology, Coffee, Beer, Beef, Organic, Farmers' Market, Broken Beer Bottle, Longer Hair, Deciding on a Project, Ignoring certain aspects of school.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Two people today told me about how much they loved motor bikes. Two people today made awkward jokes to me about liking girls. Two people slipped in a row slipped on the ice, and I never slipped. Two people told me about pregnancy (references very vague) and there were two promotional booths that had to do with abortion (one pro-life and one pro-choice... but this is vague in accordance to the "two(2)" theme.)

Monday, January 31, 2011

Planetary-Energetic Forecast for February, 2011

As Mercury, Venus and Mars remain in alignment and the energy of Pluto continues to be amplified through to Earth, manifestations of consciousness will continue to flower, especially as the New Moon approaches.

By the 17th, there is a beautiful flow of energy from Venus with a full moon, as well as shadows of Mercury and Mars. This is a great time to indulge in looking for honeys, as long as you stay safe and don't get too inquisitive or think too much about it. The energy of Venus is on your side, but the directive energy of Mars and the intellectual energy of Mercury may be unavailable. This time around, Pluto will be amplified through Venus, which will be a transformation of love. This being said, use your intellectual and directive energy in order to stay grounded for the first few weeks of the month so that you can enjoy some pleasurable and delightful play toward the full moon.

Any information on the alignment of Jupiter and Saturn in shadow position would be greatly appreciated, as I'm having a hard time intuiting it, and I'm sure it has plenty to do with the energetic changes. Information on Neptune and Uranus must also be intuited at this time.

Please Visit Faustweb for Visual Intuiting Medium

Fruition of January's Planetray-Energetic Forecast

As was predicted, energy that was placed into the planetary alignment of Mercury, Venus and Mars would be amplified by Pluto by the end of the month, creating volatile physical manifestations.

As I did not set any intentions and was simply careless with money and regard for the material world, I manifested a loss of my own material possessions. The energy of Earth's atmosphere in combination of the volition and ungroundedness of individual beings, much turmoil is in the air.

Stay in touch for the Planetary Energetic Forecast for February.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Motorcockhead by No Bra

You make me feel like a woman
You make me feel dead
Take your testosterone and you can burn in hell

When I don't need it
I'll give it back to you

Don't tell me I look pretty
Don't fuckin' smile at me
I'm gonna whip it out at you
when you least expect it

If you give me motorcockhead
You're gonna be scared
If you give me motorcockhead
You're gonna be dead

I'm gonna beat you up for all those stupid smiles
I'm gonna be harder than you
I'm gonna read more ass magazines and more often than you

And I'm gonna pound on you until I get your juice
I'm gonna kill the fetus and bring it on the stage

Don't talk to me in American accent
I'm gonna kill you for it

Don't tell me I look beautil
I'm gonna kill you for it

You're gonna be dead

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sagittarius - Ophiuchus

According to a recent movement, I now fall under the sign of Ophiuchus. I am always a Sagittarius, but I thought that I had been very similar to a Scorpio. Now I am Sagittarius, Ophiuchus and by Chinese Astrology, I'm an Ox. My birth number according to Numerology is 4. My spiritual name, according to Baba Hari Dass is Narendra.
I have been told that I am an Indigo Child.
I have been told that I used to be a bar-owner named Vince, who was very mean to a waitress, who died after I abused her.
I'm a fire sign, so I need to have my energy directed into something at all times.
I'm the source of natural light, and yet I can burn and destroy everything... but not without air, which cannot be without water, which cannot be without Earth.
Ophiuchus is the Serpent-Bearer.
I've been known to share dreams with serpents from time to time, who brought me to the most energetic places, from a perspective that must be accepted with humility.
I once met a snake like myself, who rendered me infuriated by his self-assuredness. I was jealous of his fearless life... "why do you get to do whatever you want, Mother Fucker?"

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Solar Alignment, Shadow Position and Alignment

Solar Alignment: Two or more planets form a line leading to the Sun, from the outside of the solar system to the center.

Shadow Position: Two or more planets are on opposite sides of the Sun from each other.

Alignment: Three or more planets are in line with each other, surrounding the Sun.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Additional Information for the Planetary-Energetic Forecast for the Month of January, Two-Thousand and Eleven

For previous information determined for January, 2011,  click here

As Earth leaves the triangle of Venus and Mercury, we are still behind the kinetic energy field of Venus, thus being pulled and subsequently sustained by its energy. The energetic quality of its pull will remain constant until the end of the month, until its alignment with Mercury and Mars become stronger. As this occurs, the simple enjoyment of loving energy will become more complex and will need to be directed. Although this new energy will be more forceful, it will be further away from Earth and thus, will not be felt as strongly as the previous gentle energy of Venus. However, this time will be a key opportunity to use this energy for transformation as Pluto reemerges from the shadow position and displays itself to Earth temporarily between Mercury and Venus.

At the beginning of January, determine which transformations you would like to make and begin setting your intentions. Transformations of consciousness will become manifested between the 24th of January and the 5th of February. The Moon will be waning to new during this period, so reactions to the energetic change must remain grounded and focused in order to prevent volatile and erratic transformations of consciousness and physical manifestations.

As this alignment peaks, Saturn and Jupiter will also be in shadow position with each other, each planet being on the direct opposite side of the Sun. I have yet to determine what this alignment means, but I will continue my investigation into the matter.

Any insight, intuition or information into how this alignment will affect the Mars-Mercury-Venus alignment in relation to Earth would be greatly appreciated.

Images taken from:

Jan. 2nd, 2011 - inner solar system

Jan 2nd, 2011 - outer solar system

Jan. 15, 2011 - inner solar system

Jan.15, 2011 - outer solar system

Jan.31, 2011 - inner solar system

Jan. 31, 2011 - outer solar system

Planetary-energetic Forecast for the second of January, 2011 (first forecast)

One of my New Year's resolutions is to use information from the positions of the planets and the moon to forecast the energy of the days to come. I hope to learn a lot about the unique energies of each planet and how they effect the Earth's energy, depending on their position in the solar system. I would greatly appreciate comments, as well as the provision of any additional information.


Currently leaving: Solar Mercury alignment (Earth - Mercury - Sun)
Currently leaving: Triangle: Mercury - Venus - Earth
Currently leaving: Triangle: Mars - Jupiter - Earth

Current Moon: Waning
Current alignment with the Sun: Shadow of Pluto (Pluto - Sun - Earth)
Current alignment of other bodies: Mars - Mercury - Venus (influential)
Current alignment of other bodies: Shadow: Saturn - Sun - Jupiter (independent)
Current alignment of other bodies: Shadow: Neptune - Sun - Venus (independent)

Next approaching solar alignment (Feb.15th, 2011): Shadow of Neptune (Neptune - Sun - Earth)
Subtle alignment: Shadow of Mars (Mars - Sun - Earth)

Energy most readily available for use (in order of strength): Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Mars, Pluto


The beginning of this New Year is relatively free of strong planetary influence. Alignment with Mars amplifies loving energy of Venus and intellectual energy of Mercury, which are readily available for our use, but do not involuntarily influence us. Activities of the mind and heart are able to be enjoyed without the use of, or striving for material goods. Although this energy is available, the shadow of Pluto will make it difficult to use it in order to achieve transformations, so straining to make changes could do more harm than good. This energy will be present for us to enjoy, to learn from and to utilize in a subtle and gentle manner. It will begin to subside slightly around the 11th, but will swing back into full force with a slightly new and even stronger quality by the beginning of February, as it becomes further amplified by Neptune.

As the new moon approaches, overuse of these energies is a danger, so keep moderation in mind. It will be around long enough for you to use it properly, as Pluto moves out of its shadow at the beginning of February. Simply take this time to enjoy the presence of the energies of Venus and Mercury and use them to do what you must do, not what you must obtain. Use enough to give you a kick-start into the new year but don't overindulge their presence, as you will get plenty more of them toward the end of the month. You want to be able to handle their influence as it becomes stronger toward the end of the month.

... That's all for now.
I don't know much about astrology, ascendants, descendants, retrograde planets, etc... And the internet is a crazy place to be looking for this stuff. Please let me know if you have any additional information about the current celestial energy.


Narendra - jdolane